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SEDIAHOCKEY is the Prospects Division of NewEdge Hockey Development Academy. This Division is geared towards the top talent in their respective birth years. These players already possess a series of skating and individual skills that require them to train in higher level settings with drills and tactical training that will not only challenge them but will take their game to the next level. 

Working for Our Prospects

NewEdge Hockey Development Academy is known for working incredibly hard for all of our customers and that will never change. At a certain point and level of a player's development, he/she needs a different level of training. In addition to the advanced training and groups provided, players at certain ages need quality information about programs like PREP School Hockey, the USHL, NAHL, BCHL, OHL, and of course NCAA Hockey.

We have more legitimate contacts and connections with the above-mentioned programs and can provide accurate, reliable, and honest information that players NEED. We are commission free which means our prospects never need to worry about being pointed in the wrong direction because it benefits someone else (this is all too common at this stage and happens everyday).


Players who meet the Prospects criteria are identified by the SEDIAHOCKEY jersey they receive upon acceptance into the program.

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Rob Sedia is an NHL level Skating & Skills Coach who has worked with players from the Pittsburgh Penguins, NY Islanders, Las Vegas Golden Knights, Buffalo Sabres, and Nashville Predators, as well as players from the AHL, KHL, ECHL, and NCAA D1 Programs, the USHL, NAHL, and OHL. Rob's Coach Education content and training materials are used by coaches all over the world.


Players selected to train in the Prospects Division train with other highly skilled players in their birth year. This compatibility factor has proven to be the most effective and efficient way to help the better players improve. 


Players selected to train in the Prospects Division will have access to the most advanced classroom education sessions that dramatically increase hockey IQ and prepare these players for higher levels of the game.


Playing the game and teaching the game are 2 completely different things. It takes years of high-level training to become a great player and it takes even longer to become a great trainer. Players selected to train in the Prospects Division receive true professional training from NHL level skating and skills coaches who know what matters most and have an extensive track record of helping elite players move on in the game.


Players selected to train in the Prospects Division receive personalized feedback via video analysis, game analysis, and documented feedback.

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Prospects Defensemen Development Camp receives 5 Star Reviews!

"I don't know what to say other than wow! As a USA Hockey Level 4 Coach and a father of a defenseman, my expectations when it comes to defense-specific training and especially camps are very low. We went into this camp hoping for it to be decent. I will tell you this Rob, your camp was by far the BEST hockey camp with the BEST training, the BEST information, and the BEST drills I have ever seen/heard in my 16 years of coaching hockey. This was my first exposure to your Identifier/Container-Based Development Model which is a game changer. Your system should be used by every youth hockey organization and hockey coach! We have attended 3 other Defense Camps in the past and NOTHING comes close to what you are your crew are doing".
Regals SCTA Coach

"The 2023 Prospects Defense Camp was our first time in the NEHDA environment with coach Sedia and his team. The flow of camp showed purpose with skills being taught and then stacked into higher-level game components that closely mimic game situations, but with a high volume of learning cycles that have been shown to produce carryover. Drills that were performed on Tuesday, built off concepts that were taught on the ice and in class on Monday. (And through Thursday!) My son Jack was so into the concepts, that he would spend the time on our drive home trying to teach me what he had learned. There was no idle time and the kids all had smiles on their faces. All of the players were instructed to perform to failure and embrace it. I cannot say enough great things about our experience at this camp." Shawn R. Buffalo, NY

"Now we know the difference! This camp provided the absolute best of everything. My son said he learned more about defense (and hockey in general) in 4 days with Coach Sedia than he has in the last 3 seasons playing. This is how player development should be, thoughtful, structured, modern, personal, accountable, motivating, and fun". Dave S. Buffalo, NY

"This is just great, you have ruined us for all other training companies, LOL! Every day during the car ride home from your camp my son told me he wished his entire team was at the camp because of how much he was learning. He won't stop talking about what he learned about the position and the game itself. We have one highly motivated defenseman on our hands, thank you!"  MJ, West Seneca, NY

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