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Defensemen Development Camp

The Summer 2024 NewEdge Hockey Defensemen Development Camp will take place at Holiday Twin Rinks in Buffalo, NY. This camp is NOTHING like any other camp you may have attended and has been rated the #1 Defensemen Camp in New York State. 

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Camp Details 

Hockey is a fluid game and one where all players are needed to contribute to offensive and defensive success. The title “Defensemen” suggests that their primary role is to defend and eliminate the opposition’s offensive chances all while getting the puck to the forwards to create the offense. Today's game has an increased focus on strategy and teams are defending better than ever so producing offense is no easy task. Teams need offensive contributions from their defensemen in order to generate consistent scoring chances just like teams need defensive contributions from their forwards to prevent opposing chances.

Unfortunately, many/most youth hockey teams believe that running 2v1's, 3v2's, and breakouts over and over helps their defensemen get better. Defensemen at the youth level need much (much) more than that which is why we run the most dynamic Defensemen Development Program in the area.

- Skating the Game / Performance Skating & Efficiency
- Developing Critical, Must-Have Skills
- Developing All The Time Habits of the Elite
- Understanding Activation
- Shooting to Create Offense vs. Shooting to Score
- Stop-Start-Face the Puck & Stick on Puck Defending
- Playing Without the Puck / Support
- Making High Percentage Plays
- Deception Tactics / Understanding Triggers
- Quick Processing & Decision Making
- 3 Zone Concepts & Responsibilities

and much more!

This camp is not for everyone! This camp is for defensemen who WANT to be there and WANT to get better. It is for players who are willing to put in the work, players that are coachable and engaged.

* Only 1 Group on the ice per Session for Maximum Attention
* 10 Hours of Professional NHL Experienced On-Ice Training.
* 5 Hours of the Best Classroom Training Available
* Detailed Individual Assessments

You can "stay busy", you can attend clinics with 50 players on the ice, or you can make the commitment to get better. In order to get better you need to train better and that is what separates NewEdge Hockey Development Academy from other training companies.

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