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Youth NHL Experience
brought to you by NewEdge Hockey Development Academy

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Player First / Last Name:
Player Birth Year:
Current Level: (AAA or Elite AA)
Current Organization:
Current Team:
Position: (Forward, Defense, Goalie)



Q:  Can I just register and be put on a team?
A:  The Youth NHL Experience Spring League is not an open registration league. All interested players can get added to the draft list by clicking the link below and submitting the requested information. 

Q:  How does a player get drafted?
A:  All submitted players are logged according to their submitted information; Birth Year, Current Level, Current Organization, Current Team. This information coupled with data that we have allows our committee to draft players in a manner that makes all teams as even as possible through a TVRS (total value ranking system).

Q:  Does being entered into the draft guarantee being drafted.
A:  No.

Q:  Is this a Travel Hockey Level League?
A:  Yes, this league is for AAA and AA players.

Q:  Do Goalies Split Games or Play a Full Game and Rotate?
A:  League rules dictate that goalies will split every game. A full 1/2 game for a goalie (time on ice) is equal to (or greater than) a player playing every third shift thus the fee being the same.

Q:  If drafted, how much is the league?
A:  Drafted players and goalies will only pay $499 

Q:  How much do the weekly practice clinics cost and how many are there?
A:  During the season we will have 10 clinics in Buffalo and 10 clinics in Rochester. These practice clinics are optional and selected a la carte. League members pay only $25 per selected practice clinic and non league members pay $35

Q:  Will there be coaches?
A:  Yes, all games will have 1-2 coaches on the bench. NEHDA has a long list of reputable coach contacts that will do a great job come game day.

Q:  When are the games played?
A:  We have listed the dates (March - May) and the 2008 - 2009 League plays Saturday mornings and the 2010 - 2011 League plays Sunday mornings. The Stanley Cup and All Star Games will be played in the evenings on Saturday and Sunday at the end of the season. 

Q:  Does a drafted player get announced?
A:  Yes, while some will be announced with a picture (like above), most will be announced via a list.

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