Youth NHL Experience
brought to you by NewEdge Hockey Development Academy

The 2021 Youth NHL Experience Season will Have 2 Groups

Birth Years 2008 - 2009
Birth Years 2010 - 2011

March 2021 - May 2021
6 Youth NHL Teams per Birth Year Group

15 Players & 2 Goalies Per Team
10 Game Season
2 Optional Training Clinics Per Week
Full Ice 5V5 with Officials
Jersey & Socks Included
Player & Goalie Stats Posted on Website

5 Games in Buffalo
5 Games in Rochester

Top 2 Teams Play for the Stanley Cup
Announcer / Music / Goal Horn

2008 - 2009 League All Star Game
2010 - 2011 League All Star Game


Player First / Last Name:
Player Birth Year:
Current Level: (AAA, AA, House)
Current Organization:
Current Team:
Position: (Forward, Defense, Goalie)


Q:  How do I get on a team?
A:  All registered players are drafted/placed on a team. NEHDA puts a lot of time and effort into ensuring teams are as evenly competitive as possible. All registered players are required to provide their birth year, current level, and the last organization and team they played for. 

Q:  Are there team practices?
  Instead of team based practices, NEHDA will be offering 2 training clinics per week that are optional for all players. There will be 1 clinic per birth year group per week that is open to the first 24 players that register. These are optional and the clinics are open to pre-registration so you can register for 1 to 10 clinics.

Q:  What about coaches?
A:  All teams will have 1-2 coaches per game.

Q:  Where are the games played?
A:  Because the league will have players from the Buffalo and Rochester areas, we will have 5 games in Buffalo and 5 games in Rochester. There will be players from both markets on the same team!

Q:  How are stats kept and posted?
A:  Because every game will have 2 officials, all goals and assists for players are logged every game. Goals against average for goalies are kept as well. These stats will be posted on the NEHDA website. Awards are given for the following; Most Goals, Most Assists, Most Points, and Lowest Goals Against Average. NEHDA will also be awarding 1 Unsung Hero Award per birth year group as voted by the coaches.

Q:  Are there trades?
A:  Yes! Trades are determined by the league BOD and only to make the teams as evenly competitive as possible. No trades will take place after week 3. 

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