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 NewEdge Hockey Development Academy offers some of the best advertising packages available! If you are looking to offer response driven marketing campaigns or a long-term branding campaign, we can assist! (yes hockey pun intended).

NewEdge Hockey Development Academy is the largest hockey training company in New York with 2 partner home arenas, 2 on site fitness centers, and 2 additional locations in development!

NewEdge Hockey Development Academy Corporate HQ:
Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex / Rochester, NY
BGRI is a 180,000 square foot multi-use facility that is one of the premier, regional multi-sport facilities in the United States. BGRI draws local, national, and international events and visitors! With just over 1.6 million visitors annually, Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex is the largest foot traffic generator in all of Monroe County—higher than Blue Cross Arena, CMAC, and Strong National Museum of Play.

NewEdge Hockey Development Academy Location 2:
Holiday Twin Rinks / Buffalo, NY
You cannot mention the word hockey in Buffalo, NY and not have the name Holiday Twin Rinks come up! The centralized location of Holiday Twin Rinks helped it to earn a reputation as an excellent "BIG GAME" venue. Holiday Twin Rinks is now the home rink of the Buffalo Regals local youth hockey association as well as the Nationally recognized Pepsi Tournament! HTR is a huge foot traffic facility as well.

Digital Advertising Monitors
Strategically placed for maximum viewership
Captive Audience 2.5 Hour Average Visit / Multiple Visits per week

Annual Impressions: in the millions!
Ability to run static or video ads
Ability to change ad with seasonality aspects of your business and/or special promotions

Email Marketing Campaigns
Total Reach: 158,550 Regional Sports/Hockey based Email Address
Open Rate: 52% (25% Higher than the National Average)
Ability to Offer Direct Response with Special Promotions
Ability to Brand Your Business

Banner Advertising
We have limited banner advertising opportunities for select businesses. We offer full color heavy vinyl banners displayed proudly in our Strength Centers located inside both arenas. Banner sizes vary.

Additional Benefits

NEHDA offers ad design and video development services if needed! Digital advertising ads can be changed within 24 hours of request! We also offer custom packages to fit very specific needs!


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