Sedia Elite 92
9 Pass / 2 Shot Timing & Awareness Drill

P1 scans and retrieves the puck from the corner while P2 and P3 time their zone entry (be on time!) P1 makes an outlet pass to P2 who makes a pass to swinging P3. P1 picks up a loose puck in the new corner and P2 skates around the top of the circle and receives a pass from P1, P1 gets back in line. P2 shoots and continues to the goal line where he turns up ice but stalls. P3 sends his puck to P4 (who is in line) and continues through the NTZ zone as shown. P4 sends his puck to P5 (in opposite line) who then passes to the swinging P3. P3 passes to a now moving P2 who moves up the wall and cycles the puck to P3 as shown. P2 loops downhill to receive a pass from P3, P2 shoots. P3 starts new rep.